Social Media & Electronic Devices Policy


Prostars has a responsibility to safeguard every child and we recognise the evolving methods for young people to communicate. We have therefore developed a policy for all our staff and clients in terms of networking and electronic device usage.


1) Never discuss work matters on social media. Any posts related to work need to be approved by the office and Club Welfare Officer.
2) Never display inappropriate cover screens/profile pictures.
3) Never accept Facebook or social media friend requests from under 18-year-olds or family of those you teach.
4) Notify the Welfare Officer or Head Coach of any requests.
5) Never send friend requests to any client or family.
6) Never discuss children or contact children on behalf of anyone else.
7) Never take photographs on camera phones that have any child in the image. These are strictly managed by our Management and approved by the Club Welfare Officer, who checks that all parental approval is gained.
8) No using social media sites while in and around children whilst at work.
9) If any doubts occur, report it to the Management and Club Welfare Officer immediately.
10) Phone call and text messaging is not permitted in Schools, Children Centres and Nurseries. Any calls or texts should be made off-site, unless in emergencies.
11) Only in permitted sessions can tablets be used and with the permission of the Head teacher in Schools. 


1) Please check with a member of staff about our photography and video rules for spectators and parents when attending sessions.
2) No posting on social media any photographs or videos from our sessions that feature any child under the age of 18.
3) Please contact our office or Club Welfare Officer of any concerns you have or inappropriate data that has been seen or shared online or on phone.
4) If you see another spectator filming, please contact a member of staff, they will then advise them of our rules, don’t approach them yourself.
5) This policy runs side by side with our Codes of Conduct. Child protection and safety is always our priority so we can create a fun, safe environment to learn for them. 
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