Curriculum & PPA Cover


We offer the highest standards of PPA cover for teachers, with all class planning and assessment undertaken by our licensed coaches. PPA can be tailored to each school's individual requirements and budgets. All our coaches are F.A., DBS, Safeguarding and Emergency Aid-certified, fully insured and carry F.A. photo ID, maximising the amount of time saved for teachers to plan and prepare for their classes.   
Sports and physical activities are a fundamental part of a healthy, balanced education and wellbeing for all Primary School children. Our coaches consider each child in their planning and our classes are assessed on the 4 corner principles: Physical, Technical, Social and Psychological Development. We supply age-appropriate equipment and supply lesson plans for our classes.


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Emergency/Short-notice class cover is also available. If a teacher is taken ill or a member of staff is delayed, we support our local schools in every way we can.
Curriculum Sports are an important part of education and we offer a professional and sustainable solution for your school's sports and PE needs, such as holiday and part-time cover, as well as sports days. 
We offer you experienced, qualified and licensed coaches to carry out classes that follow national curriculum guidelines and Ofsted evaluation and assessment guidelines. We submit a lesson plan to each class showing lesson links and progressions, along with a dedicated coach for each school, thus allowing teachers and parents to build trust and a beneficial working relationship.

Our curriculum classes aim to improve each child’s education, performances, experiences and retention in different sports, whilst considering their wellbeing and psychological corner and overall education.  
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