Constitution for Pro Stars Football School



Pro Stars Football School and all its members, staff and freelance coaches agree by this constitution, and its aims and objectives, to follow the codes of conducts and the principles and beliefs of the groups and individuals for whom we work and whom we effect while carrying out our roles.


At all times we will work to improve the education of all children who attend our school, work closely with teachers and other professionals in the education of others, whilst striving to improve our own education and support each other in achieving this outcome.


We will respect and consider others' religious beliefs and will not prevent any person from participation on these grounds. We will be openly understanding to any faith and will always make every person welcome by promoting religious and racial harmony.


We will strive at all times to improve and consider each person’s health and wellbeing and will actively encourage and support all in pursuit of good health. Every person’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance regardless of disability and/or background. Protection of Children in our care will always be handled in a safe manner and in compliance with the best practices of the F.A. Child protection policy.


Every person is to be treated equally and no person is to be discriminated against for ethnicity, colour, gender or disability. We aim to make every person welcomed by our organisation, treat everyone as an individual, respect and support those in the minority, encourage those with disabilities and not alienate any person.


We are committed to making advancements to help those in less fortunate positions, help improve every person’s confidence and improve amateur sports. We will make advancements in all aspects of community and social interaction. 
Disclaimer: This constitution and information is intended to give guidance and is not fully comprehensive. All people whom we work for and with Pro Stars Football School will be expected to follow our codes of conduct and believe in the aims and targets of this organisation. 
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